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Thanks to the rising popularity of the UFC, BJJ and mixed martial arts… Unfortunately for folks who wanna learn good MMA, the assumption is that they’re all the same…But plenty of gyms are DIRTY…Or the instructor is a meathead…Or they push you too hard (or not enough)…Or the toilet doesn’t work (personal experience)…THEY DON’T TELL YOU THAT on their website…But GOOD NEWS!Because Rebellion Eskrima San Diego just came to the San Diego area and now you can try it for FREE…With their AWESOME Rebellion Eskrima Free Trial program…Filipino martial arts refers to ancient and newer fighting methods devised in the area now known as the Philippines, the most popular of which are known as Arnis, Escrima, and of course… The Filipino people developed battle skills as a direct result of an appreciation of their ever-changing circumstances.Some of the specific mechanisms responsible for cultural and martial change extended from phenomena such as war, political and social systems, technology, trade and of course, simple practicality.The Filipino Martial Arts training combines the use of single stick, double stick and stick and knife training methods, as well as low line kicking, the efficient use of elbows and knees, locking, nerve hitting and empty hand against weapon training.If you can do it with sticks, you can do it with any of the other double handed weapon sets.This makes the Filipino Martial Arts and our training methodology very flexible in terms of application. a single stick is an interesting way to solve problems of inserting and chaining together techniques and patterns. one stick drill progression starts pretty early in our curriculum.Train with the routines and drills developed by the filipino Masters to survive in the jungle. "Tapado Arnis" is not a sport but a dealdy system of self defense. These explosive, powerful and realistic techniques are sure to help you take care of business on the street should you ever need to do so.

As you progress from beginner through advanced level, you will learn to make the translation between stick, blade and empty hand.The use of the single and double stick, including disarming, angles of attack, flow practice, patterned drills and counterattack techniques is presented in this first volumen on Filipino Martial Arts.Mastering the techniques shown in this tape you'll be able of neutralize weapons attacks, evade unfamiliar attacks and fire off lethal counter attacks!Call today at 661-255-1114 to schedule an introductory class and speak with one of our counselors!Arnis incorporates the use of single stick, double stick, knife and empty hand techniques.

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