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The procedure has become very popular over the last six years,' she previously told FEMAIL.

She insists women are not so much opting for labioplasty in a quest for 'designer vaginas'.

It also reported a notable increase in pain and numbness, leading to 'sexual dysfunction' for some.

Vaginal thrush, a common yeast infection, can be extremely irritating and difficult to treat as for some women it can keep coming back.

But a saddle can be too wide, causing chaffing on the inner thighs after a long ride, he explains.

Women often prefer cutaway or anatomic saddles with a hole carved out of the middle which aim to relieve pressure on their neither region.

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But for women, the activity increases their risk of nasty infections and can negatively impact their sex lives.

While it isn't classed as an STI, it can be passed back and forth between sexual partners.

Lower UTIs aren't usually a cause for major concern, but upper UTIs can be serious if left untreated, as they could damage the kidneys or spread to the bloodstream.

Dubbed 'saddle surgery', the painful procedure involves cutting off part of the inner labia – or labia minora – to stop them from rubbing and being pinched against the seat of their bicycles.

Harley Street surgeon Angelica Kavoumi says she consults around nine women about it a week – compared to three women a week just a year ago.

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