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In June 1991, after the introduction of multi-party representative democracy, Slovenia split from Yugoslavia and became an independent country.In 2002, remains of pile dwellings over 4,500 years old were discovered in the Ljubljana Marshes, now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Ljubljana Marshes Wooden Wheel, the oldest wooden wheel in the world.Hello, I am happy and positive person, but on the ground. I would not like to spend the rest of my life alone and lonely, this is why I am here... This article is about the country bordering the Adriatic Sea.After the victory of Emperor Otto I over the Magyars in 955, Slovene territory was divided into a number of border regions of the Holy Roman Empire.Carantania, being the most important, was elevated into the Duchy of Carinthia in 976.The Carantanians, one of the ancestral groups of the modern Slovenes, particularly the Carinthian Slovenes, were the first Slavic people to accept Christianity.

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Brandon was rushed to the hospital after being shot by Massee but died in surgery on March 31, 1993, at the age of 28.Find love again, meet new friends, and add some excitement to your life as a single senior in Ljubljana. Register FREE to start connecting with other older singles in Maribor today! For the landlocked country to its northeast, see Slovakia.For the historic region of Croatia to its east, see Slavonia. Historically, the current territory of Slovenia was part of many different state formations, including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Habsburg Monarchy.

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