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She squeezed the bottle and a line oflotion came down directly on his prick.He felt his cock twitch as the cool lotion covered his cock. She then set the bottle down and admired hisimpressive member now coated in yellow cream.

She picked up the lotion and lifted it above his groin.

She twirled itaround in her hand, watching his hips jerk in response. Shediscovered just how much she enjoying playing with her son's enormous rod.

Carol smiled down at him and got on her knees beside him.

She did not want an air of tension to pervadethe house so she decided to clear the air immediately. When she pushed the door open she saw him hide whatwas obviously a porn magazine under his pillow.

She crossed the room and sat on the edge of thebed.“David, we should talk about what happened this afternoon,” she said.

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