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Mantheo, the Egyptian priest-historian agrees with the three dynasties, except adds one more dynasty which was ruled by the “gods” alone.He states the first dynastic rulers of Egyptian gods ruled for 12 300 years [1].Due to the majority who were uneducated in the past, the task of knowing the truth was often delegated to authorities.Fortunately, today, knowledge and information distribution is rampant among the internet, and the power is now left in our hands as the efforts of past decoders is finally being disseminated to the world.Could this father “deity” really be an extra-terrestrial being which gave rise to Noah’s lengthy lifespan?Various deities in Sumerian and Egyptian records had also known as (AKA) names which seemed to span long periods of time and were found throughout various ancient texts.The Ancient Astronaut Theory is perhaps one of the most controversial of the bunch.

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Modern science didn't knew this until very recently.When one realizes that the God from the Old Testament Yahweh, was none other than the local deity of the Sumerian city of Ur, Enlil, the truth is revealed.Enlil and his various relatives were venerated as gods in various temples from Nineveh to Assur to the Sumerian city of Ur to name just a few.The trial was conducted by Enlil’s half-sister, Ninmah, and his half-brother Enki, in an African laboratory.The historical records appeal to even the most scrutinizing scientist who readily recognized the threshold of knowledge required to discuss a topic such as genetic engineering in a document almost 5000 years old which provides a more detailed account of the creation of man, one that makes sense technically and historically versus the précis version provide by the Bible, although in many cases complementary.

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