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) However, knowing me and my luck, that could happen!

** If I ever end up in a nursing home when I am old, I'll be the one chasing down the orderlies with my pimped out walker havnt met a mature woman yet that doesnt like sex...did have issues with their exs but after we had a night of kissing,fondling and other they ALL loved the feeling and some have never crossed some of the bridges we crossed....Well, I will be 56 next month, and I gotta tell ya...... Of course, I'm sure that my change of partners is a huge factor! In my locale the ladies over 50 seem to be focused more on the friendship part and diminish the physical and intimate connection....

Similarly, at this age you can be totally honest during sex, as in, “You’re joking, I can’t bend over there,” and “Don’t make me do that, I’ve eaten too much,” or “Whoops.

I think I might have dropped off then.”2 In general, I say what I’m thinking in the bedroom.

When people talk about honesty in the relationship, this is definitely what they mean.3 I can laugh about it when I get cramp/get stuck etc. but now there isn’t that teeny frisson of self-doubt lurking in the background, and the mild suspicion that he might be thinking, “Yikes, she’s a bit clumsy/heavy/unfit.”4 After the age of 40 you are just more self-possessed.Now that we do have little blue pills, men can keep up (pun intended) with the libido of 50-plus women. I can't believe that in the 21st century, people are still asking this question! No more worries about pregnancy, no little kids knocking on the door just at "the moment." Once you get to this age, you realize how much you have going for you, how much you know, how much you'll put up with from a man (not much!) and a wealth of knowledge in a lot of other areas.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. To think I used to envy men because they can go on forever while we women conked out at 50!And to listen to the senior ladies, it seems it's the opposite problem - men can't keep up with the libido of 50 plus ladies!

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