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Not only is that a telling tale of who the big players really are in plug-in vehicles, it shows just how much of a powerhouse BYD is in the new energy space.The same report notes that “demand for batteries from electric buses far outstripped that of other passenger vehicles in 2016,” which just so happens to be one of BYD’s core competencies. That throws a pretty effective net over a car’s high-, low-, and mid-speed acceleration prowess.We’ve expressed braking with four numbers: a panic 60-0-mph stopping distance, pounds of brake-pedal effort while stopping at 0.5 g, and even the linearity of the brake’s effort when the stopping rate’s increased to a limit-probing 1.0 g (a shoutout to Loadstar Sensors for their friendly help).Sure, we’ll continue to keenly heed every observation made by Pobst, who graciously joins our team again, but this year we’re going to listen to ourselves more, considering such nuances as a car’s ability to induce driver confidence and its prowess at enveloping our judges in ergonomic delight.We even deemed it important to examine not only steering feel but also steering-wheel feel: That’s right, how well does the shape of the helm satisfy the fingers? From here on out, this yearly epic of rubber-scorching, driver-centric nirvana will be known as is not looking for the quickest car over the quarter mile, the car that pulls the highest lateral g through a turn, or even the fastest lap time around a racetrack.

A car might stop quickly, but if its pedal effort rises unnaturally or the car’s nose heaves at the pavement with every pedal prod, well, that just ruins the mood.

Accordingly, we’ve taken a considerable eight bites at the handling apple.

Steering sensitivity on-center answers the question: How many degrees do you have to turn the steering wheel left or right (at a casual rate) to produce a mild, 0.1g lateral acceleration response?

“As one of , Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Loblaw Companies Limited.

“We are committed to leading responsibly in this area, working with our partners like BYD for sustainable solutions to help our company, and our country, meet those goals.” Loblaw has made firm commitments to reducing its carbon footprint 30% by 2030 with a specific commitment to reduce the intensity of transportation emissions to 0.087 g CO2 e/t-km, which are targets they will be held accountable to.

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