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I have no problem with HBO picking up True Blood, but trying to make it their new signature show is definitely pushing it - were none of them at Alan Ball's pitch meeting to them - or do they assume that because Alan Ball is producing it, then it must be fairly similar Six Feet Under.

It was stated by Alan Ball himself that this series was a more than slight departure from his previous work - that's not to say that it is stupid television - he labelled it popcorn TV for smart people.

At the bar there is Sam Merlotte, the owner of Merlotte Bar, where Sookie works.

He is 'secretly' in love with Sookie, but how could you keep anything a secret from somebody who hears others thoughts.

When 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton walks into the Merlotte's Bar & Grill where she works as a waitress, she realizes that she can't "hear" what he's thinking, thus giving away his origins since she can't hear the thoughts of those whom are technically dead.

It seems much more suited or limited to have a small cult following, and HBO have never been big on them - with the exception of The Wire.A couple on the verge of a nasty divorce attempt to sell their empty love nest and move on with their lives, separately.After a successful open house they are horrified to discover, days later, that a potential buyer didn't leave their home.Not a bad story and only Brian Geraghty was in the least interesting and difficult to predict and he is very psycho looking. I usually would not walk out on a film but this was so tempting. Paquins potential and that must be why he got in this festival in the first place. I did not want to offend and after all I paid .00 for my seat. It was so dull that I hope he re-edits it before release.

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