Most intimidating birds in sports

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T., Phil Simms, Sunday afternoon games against the Redskins with John Madden and Pat Summerall on the call and Patriots-like end-zone shenanigans with wind-controlling doors.The favored design of the Joe Gibbs' hats of the Redskins' 10-year heyday, this script "R" made a comeback when Gibbs made his.Louis Blues, the least you could have done is keep the name with the best logo in sports. It looks like Step 4 from one of those how-to-draw an animal book. If the wheels didn't descend, would it then be called a buttlanding?Back when the Seahawks were bad and nobody in Seattle cared about them, were the fans referred to as the 11th-and-a-half man? As for the logo, the seahawk looks so passive and bored, like if Pete Carroll was a bird, only the exact opposite. The Jags were created when teal was the hot new color and since the team hasn't changed its color scheme the Jags had to somehow get teal into an animal known for its spots and non-tealness.

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The league went back to the same template this year but at least added splashes of red to give the thing some color." When you hear "the Wizards" you know what's popping to mind? But back when Pat Patriots was New England's logo, you'd think about those heroes of the Revolutionary War when the Pats took the field.Now it's just another empty, subdued name more associated with cutoff hoodies and chin dimples.I got my 2-year-old daughter an "Elf on the Shelf" this year.It basically looks exactly like this 50-year-old Browns logo.

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