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And the coarse variety which is ground coarse, specially used for Mithais, such as this, besan ki burfi, laddo and so on.

Try to find the coarse variety and use it, if unable to you could try replacing 1½ tbsps of besan from 1 cup of besan with semolina/suji.

As soon as I posted the Motichoor Donuts, the requests for this Motichoor Laddus instantly took a peak.. Many of you might have gone through the recipes available online..

Look, Look at the pearls which, absolutely round, and perfect!

You can use a drop of lemon juice or citric acid or a tiny pinch of cream of tartar or as popularly known in hindi as “tartari”.

TIPS / Tricks / Do’s and Don’ts: Besan : For this recipe let me explain. Bombay Besan and the Normal/Coarse Besan are the normal two kinds.

Bombay Besan is a fine variety of besan, usually used in the fritters.

Make sure you do not store these ladoos in the refrigerator because they will harden and the succulent softness will be lost.

Motichoor ke Ladoos or Motichur Laddu is a ball-shaped sweets, popular in Indian Subcontinent.

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