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At least 12 nuclear isomers have been reported; the most stable of them is radium-205m, with a half-life of between 130 and 230 milliseconds, which is still shorter than twenty-four ground-state radium isotopes.

Some of radium-226's decay products received historical names including "radium", ranging from radium A to radium G, with the letter indicating approximately how far they were down the chain from their parent Ra is the most stable isotope of radium and is the last isotope in the (4n 2) decay chain of uranium-238 with a half-life of over a millennium: it makes up almost all of natural radium.

Pure radium is a volatile silvery-white metal, although its lighter congeners calcium, strontium, and barium have a slight yellow tint.

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Today, these former applications are no longer in vogue because radium's toxicity has since become known, and less dangerous isotopes are used instead in radioluminescent devices.

The first steps of the radium extraction process involved boiling with sodium hydroxide followed by hydrochloric acid treatment to remove as much as possible of other compounds.

The remaining residue was then treated with sodium carbonate to convert the barium sulfate into barium carbonate carrying the radium, thus making it soluble in hydrochloric acid.

The ionizing radiation emitted by radium bromide excites nitrogen molecules in the air, making it glow.

The alpha particles emitted by radium quickly gain two electrons to become neutral helium, with builds up inside and weakens radium bromide crystals.

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