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Harrison, Price, and Bell’s study concluded that while homogeneous groups interacted and performed more effectively than heterogeneous groups in the beginning, with time and information, the diverse groups’ performance and processes improved more rapidly and “had grown more effective in identifying problems and generating solutions” .Overall cohesiveness was strengthened in such cases.

Internally there are several factors that must be present for cohesion to exist within a team.

Generally, there tend to be more studies supporting a positive relationship between group cohesion and performance.” With that in mind the following article is an effort to enhance group/team cohesion and as a result help improve group/team performance.

What is team cohesiveness and why does it matter to an organization to have cohesiveness within its teams? Bell discuss the composition of teams and its effect on cohesiveness.

It is generally accepted that group cohesion and performance are associated.

“However, the issue of a cause/effect relationship between group cohesion and performance is not completely resolved.

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