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Even the ‘s April 26 column condemning Stern for joking about Serbs having “a good time” raping “hot” Albanian women failed to draw any connection to his Columbine comments.

(Perhaps forced sex as a war crime is the only definition of sexual assault clear enough to be considered rape by the mainstream press.) In the wake of the Littleton murders, an endless stream of reporters and pundits have condemned the fantasy world of rock music, movies and video games for allegedly glorifying violence in the eyes of young men.

What is news is that the “shock jock” openly advocated rape on his show, and that he “joked” about himself as a potential rapist.

Stern matter-of-factly imagining himself sexually assaulting “a bunch of good-looking girls” is not exactly the party line offered in many a mainstream account of off-the-air Howard, supposedly a “really nice guy” who is respectful and loving toward women (e.g., , 3/10/97).

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If I was going to kill some people, I’d take them out with sex.” From the (5/1/99), which eventually ran a column calling Stern “antisocial,” a number of broadcast journalists, talk radio hosts and print reporters took notice of Stern’s remarks.

While some reporters rejected criticism of Stern as censorious, most took umbrage, labeling his comments “insensitive” and “upsetting.” The (4/27/99) considered his mockery “hurtful” and “out of bounds.” Despite the hue and cry about Stern’s lack of sensitivity to Littleton families, however, an extensive search of the Nexis database during this time period could find no member of the mainstream press who presented Stern’s Columbine comments as what they were: advocacy of rape.

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