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He said: “She walks across the gallery, places her bag down and takes from the bag what we believe to be a small step.“Then we see Susan climbing to the outer side of the railing.The figure passes and it appears to be passing downwards.”The inquest heard Mrs Ward had been suffering from depression, which she had described as ‘a dark cloud following her’.Coroner Chris Dorries said her death must have been a ‘terrible shock’ for her husband and family.A pathology report found Mrs Ward had a benign tumour on the covering of the brain and an overactive thyroid.After taking an overdose in January 2013, she had voluntarily become an inpatient on a mental health ward and remained there until March.At later check-ups, she told nurses she was feeling anxious and was not sleeping or eating properly – but she was not having urges to harm herself.'Some men like slim ladies, some like short, some like tall, blondes, brunettes, curvy, good legs, cuddly… Don't confuse what men actually want with what magazines and societal pressure dictates as being attractive,' Louanne said.

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'Sure, financial security may be one of them, but it's certainly not the only reason. ' Louanne stresses this is absolutely not the case.Women who are powerful and successful often look for a partner with the same qualities.'Men however who are the Alpha male, don't want someone to compete with they have this competition every day.Here, Louanne speaks to FEMAIL and both identifies and alleviates the top 10 dating myths in a bid to help people find dating success in 2018.'When we stereotype, we are not considering this person as relationship material because of the certain stereotype you align with the individual, therefore ruling out another possib Ility,' Louanne explained. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's actually quite self explanatory; the hotter you are, the crazier you are (apparently). The latter also only applies to the eye of the beholder.'If you find someone really hot, but your friend doesn't find them hot, how would this so-called Matrix work? 'The common trait we refer to as "crazy" in the dating world is more associated with having unrealistic expectations and a lack of control over your emotions - which I can assure you, is not limited to only "hot girls".

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