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While Raj is wracked with guilt over dating two women at the same time and Penny is wrestling with whether to take a role in a cheesy movie, Amy must help Sheldon through the even greater hell of choosing between two gaming systems.Leonard tries to help Sheldon free his mind by reinstating "Anything Can Happen Thursday," but when Sheldon tries to be spontaneous, it leads to unexpected friction between Penny, Amy and Bernadette.Sheldon's latest scientific breakthrough makes him feel like a fraud – and threatens to haunt him forever.Meanwhile, Howard's romantic gesture to Bernadette causes Penny to step up her game with Leonard.When Leonard buys a dining room table, it causes Sheldon to reevaluate the changes in his life.

Kevin Sussman returns as Stuart, the comic book store owner.After the insults fly, Bernadette tries to broker the peace between Howard and Sheldon by having the two travel together to Houston in an attempt to improve their friendship.Meanwhile, Penny is offered an embarrassing movie role and Raj asks Amy to write to a woman on his behalf.Wolowitz, and Raj gets relationship advice from Sheldon.With his entire world changing around him, Sheldon is forced to confront an uncertain future and considers a major move in the seventh season finale.

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