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I did want to see a scene where they met Maya, just to contrast Moe’s vision with what they’d actually do… Overall, it’s an above average episode but needs something for an extra kick.Weekend at Burnsies: The Simpsons is an animated sitcom about the modern family. It started as a one-minute filler on the Tracey Ullman Show but soon evolved in to America's favorite comedy. There is the father, Homer, a dull-witted, alcoholic, lazy, but lovable man.Next is Bart, the 10 year old boy who lives on playing pranks. Though she doesn't say much she is well known especially for her red pacifier.He gets into a lot of trouble but is generally a good kid. Lisa is the brain of the family and sometimes feels left out because of that. (IMITATING WIGGUM) All right, Simpson, you're under arrest, see? "And so, potential investors, I hope you don't think our IPO is an IPU." (CHUCKLES) Then I hold my nose thusly.

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"Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot "that he himself could not eat it? But then again, wow, as melon-scratchers go, that's a honey-doodle. Well, luckily, I've got a book right here that's jam-packed with answers. That's Russell Crow, Cameron Crow, Crow Diddley, Hume Crow-nyn, Gregory Peck. They were just trying to drink your sweet, sweet eye juices. But, Homer, you can't let a single bad experience scare you away from drugs. (SNIFFING) (SNARLS) (SCREAMS) For me, the '60s ended that day in 1978.

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