Tight online dating

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When he asked me for 0 I was tempted, but thought I have never met you face to face.

How bold to ask for money from someone you've never met.

She had listed she was a widow..course he was a widower.

He was working in Benin on a contract job, blah blah blah.

I wish there was a list of where we could find their names and their MO...

She is now lost everything and is going to have to move in with her son..had everything because the dating site would not do anything after we emailed them and told what happen they allowed it to take place..

luckily i didnt have any money to give him so none was sent but then he told me his captain cld transfer money into a bank account if i opened one and i just had to transfer it to the nato headquarters which i found out was sum place in africa he told me he was deployed in syria .stupidly i transferred the money and funny enough one week later he told me hed been given a special assignment and didnt know when he wld be home im still talkking to him as im tryin to get this investigated Something like what you are saying rings true for a couple of military (suppose ) had tried to get me send money for their transfer papers and they would give it back plus more when they got home.People are just stupid to think that they could find someone, but when they want large numbers in cash to save them.. Of those nine separate contacts, six turned out to be scams.it should be a Red Flag but some don't want to believe they have been lied too.. We would visit every day for one-half to one hour a day. In the first situation, I was totally unaware of the scamming route.She’s from the US, but she’s working in [fill in the name of another country].We connected right away, and we’re planning to meet.

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    Y) Jackson, Kathy Merlock "Frankie and Annette at the Beach: The Beach Locale in American Movies and its Dominance in the 1960s." In: Beyond the stars IV / edited by Paul Loukides and Linda K.

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