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It was from this interest that the Special Exhibit developed.A Harmless Adventure trip of hiking, climbing and drinking in Mexico right?Teens Babes Cathy and Lisa will be enslaved by Master Zarek from the Planet Arzu in which he needs to get back his Throne by his own brother known as Shad who has taking it from him in the First Place. Shad is also a Danger to Earth so Zarek Corrupts two young Souls in order to recruit them to help him escape from a Secret military Base he is being held Captive. The instructor promises her it will be the most exciting thing she’s ever done. Brianna and Mark are a pair of married accountants with a few financial troubles.In an attempt to alleviate them, Brianna picks up a part time job at a local bedding store where the owner gives her some sample sheets he promises will provide a, “Transformative sleeping experience.” He’s right.Lenny is upset when he learns that Julia is working as a waitress ten years after they graduated, so he realizes he has to do something to learn what happened to her in that time, and maybe to help make things better for both of them.The rules of the university require that you be evaluated by the school’s psychologist before you get approved for a scholarship to the prestigious school.

Whatever it’s evil plan may be; our world’s only hope is Michael Edge.A group of sexy college cheerleaders enjoy a party at a lavish mansion, until a freshman girl that they humiliated comes after them for revenge.With Amber’s weapon of choice being her mind controlling tits, she won’t stop until every member of the cheer squad is brainwashed into becoming her slave.The professor’s experiment gives her complete mind control.She tempts our heroine with control over the most beautiful cheerleaders if she’ll help out.

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