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Wicca is a religion and attention-getting device which involves the worship two deities (to the power of 3): the Goddess Mother Earth or some other goddess (preferably not of the Celtic tradition Wicca claims to embody) and the Horny God (due to his depiction with a HUGE phallus).Wicca is an ancient religion with roots going all the way back to the 1950's.In 1972, Wiccan insurgents from Amazonia infiltrated Britain and released a manifesto (and call to arms) in the guise of a children's book called "Richard Posner and the Philanthropist Gnome".

Frustrated, a group of Wiccans gathered at the Capitol for a mass mooning in political protest.Wiccans found such cleavage useful in their "magickal masturbation rituals" or as non-Wiccans call it, just jacking off.However, their plans for world domination have not stopped and through their movie production company they released the box office hit Twilight (2008 film) which, when played in reverse contains an incantation for their mind control spellworking.Their contribution to personal computing has been summed by one scholar on the subject as "bloody stupid".They also may have invented internet porn, judging by the amount of hair on their palms.

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